Make Sure You Nurture You Followers

Everybody wants to be the leader.  Heck, why would you settle on being Robin when you could be Batman?

But without the Robins of the world, the Batmans would not only have no one to lead, they wouldn’t have that wing man helping to get him out of trouble every time he he’s about to do something stupid.

The second in command plays a big role in creating a real team, turning a single talented individual whom some people think is a nut, and legitimizing him to the world.  The second in command also lets others know that this guy is legit.

Everyone watches the quarteback and cheers him on to win the game.  What they don’t see is the the quarterback buying his offensive linemen gold watches for protecting him all season long.  He knows that they are the one’s who make him who he is.

Show appreciation and support to those first followers who believe in you.  Nurturing and supporting them will pave the way for others to join your tribe and help turn you into a true leader.

Check out this great Ted talk from my of my favorite entrepreneurs, Derek Sivers who explains how that first follower can turn a lone nut into a leader.

Ecommerce and Social Media: An Emerging Trend


Are you a business owner who dreams of opening an E-commerce store one day?  While opening you own online store used to be a tech and head spinning nightmare, today there are many solutions can make E-commerce a reality for even the technically challenged.

One of the emerging trends is driving sales via social media.  Social used to take a back step when it comes to driving sales, but as merchants get smarter about selling via social and start engaging rather than selling, sales are steadily increasing across social networks.

As far as selling goes, anything is fair game.  From selling iPad cases to pool supplies online, people are ready and willing to purchase online if that trust is there and the price is right.

Take a look at this infographic that shows the rising trend of Social Commerce.






Figuring Out How Facebook Edgerank Words [infographic]

Did you know that most of your Facebook posts will never show up in your fan’s news stream?  Actually, for Facebook Fan pages, it’s estimated that only around 15% of your fans will see a given post.

Why does Facebook do this?  Well besides the blatant “bait and switch” cash grab they implemented, it’s to prevent a single persons news stream from being overrun by posts.

Facebook incorporates an algorithm that determines when and how your posts will be seen by others.  Check out this infographic below that explains how Edgerank works.