Should I Buy a Portable Hot Tub

Spa-O-2Owning a hot tub is great, because you get the opportunity to relax after a long and stressful day. With a hot tub you can unwind and take care of your own body for a change, and that’s why it’s really important to have one in your home. Recently the potable hot tubs have become quite a trend, and they really are a great option, because they bring lots of benefits, as you will see in this article.


First of all, the most important aspect is the size of the hot tub. In order to identify this, you need to think about how many people need to sit in the hot tub at once. While many tubs are made for only two people, there are different models that can host up to six adults. Some hot tubs even come with raised seats that allow kids to enter the tub. It’s important to make the measurements and also think about the space to exit and enter safely in the tub.  Joyce Peters of International Pool and Spa says that portable hot tubs are great and really convenient, you just have to make sure it will accommodate your entire family as they can sometimes be on the smaller end.


Safety features are also essential for a hot tub owner, so you do need to take these into account as well. Some tubs don’t include any safety features, while other bring no skid-seats and flooring, among many other features. Additionally, you can find tubs with water filtration features that are really important if you are concerned about the quality of the water, and you can even find tubs that have a closed lid feature that will prevent animals from entering it while unattended.


Moreover, the number of jets is also a critical characteristic for a lot of potential buyer. There is no perfect number of jets, each person supports a different amount of jets depending on personal preferences, this is why you need to think about how turbulent you want the water to be. If you want extra turbulence then you need to go with a lot more jets.


In addition, most portable hot tubs nowadays tend to come with a cover. Not all of them do, however, so if you think about safety, then this might be a good feature to have. It keeps bugs, pets or kids to enter the tub unattended, while also keeping the dirt out of your tub.

The material will be most of the time vinyl or similar materials and it will be inflatable so it won’t occupy a lot of space. It’s important to find out which type of chemicals are used by your tub, but most of the you should go with those that use natural chemicals, as these are alternative and environment friendly.

There are some of the high-end portable hot tubs that come with features like digital controls, but if you don’t need them you can easily skip such functions. You can also find some with underwater lights, others bring more powerful motors.

In conclusion, it’s up to you to select the features you want included with your hot tub. If you are on a budget you need to go with a portable hot tub that brings enough safety features, a decent number of jets and which is made of vinyl. If you want to spend more then you can go with the additional features like a better motor, covers, underwater lights and so on. Just make sure that the tub suits your needs and it will be perfect for you.

How To Pick The Right Pool Pump For Your Pool

Getting a swimming pool for your newly acquired home can be great, but you must know that even that requires a lot of maintenance, so you do need to get the proper tools in order to get the job done fast and without too much effort. In order to prevent your pool from becoming green you do need to make sure that you buy a pool filter system which will help you get rid of all the algae that might sediment there. If you do want to swim at all times in your pool, then you need to make sure that the water is sanitized and all debris or dirt is successfully removed from the pool. This is the main job for a pool pump.


Pool Pumps 101

When it comes to selecting a pool pump, then there are a few terms you do need to get accustomed with. First of all, there’s GPM, which means gallons per minute, and then you have the amount of opposition to water flow created by the system, which is called Resistance. Another important factor, called flow rate shows you how much water your pump can process in a certain amount of time. Then there’s also the pool capacity and the turnover time. The latter shows you the minimum time that it takes the system to cycle all the water contained in the pool through the pump’s filter.

When it comes down to calculating the pump needs, you need to perform quite a lot of them. First of all, you need to find out the average pool depth, which can be found by adding up the Depth of shallow end + Depth of deep end, then you divide it by 2.

If you have a circular pool, calculating the pool capacity is as simple as performing this: Diameter (ft.) * Diameter (ft.) * Average Depth (ft.) * 5.9 = Total Pool Capacity (gallons).

Pool Pump Costs

Operating costs are variable as well, and most of the time they will rely around the GPM and pump size. It’s safe to say that the higher the values on both of them, the higher your bill will be in the end.

There are different types of pool pumps, each one catering to a certain category. First of all, there’s the two-speed pump which is found in most old pools and which operates at high speed, requiring an automated controller.

The four speed pump is much more suitable for those situations as it brings a variable rate of flow as well as different programs for your needs. In the end, we have the variable-speed pump that can operate at more than 4 speeds and which can also be programmed. Of course, this does not require an automatic controller.

Shop the Major Brands

There are numerous brands on the market today, but the most popular ones you can find out there are Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy. Of course, each brand has numerous successful pumps, so you need to check out the reviews online prior to making such a purchase.

In the end, getting the best pump for your pool is not that hard to do as long as you follow the steps presented above. The size of the pool and the operating costs is very important, so you should go with a good solution that suits your budget yet still delivers the highest amount of power, as this is really important especially when you want to filter the pool water fast.


Pain Relief Through Manual Therapy

manual therapy

Today there are lots of patients that come to a physical therapy session with different expectations when compared to what they might encounter. Therapists tend to come with different ways of attempting recovery, each one targeted towards the needs of any person. Most of the time such a physical therapy is used to help restore various muscle imbalances, but there are situations in which doing this might be a little hard than expected. However, this is where the manual physical therapy comes in, a very specialized form of physical treatment that uses the human power instead of the machines.

This basically means that practitioners use their own hands in order to put the necessary pressure on the tissue.

This helps manipulate joints and decrease back pains, which are very important in this regard. With the proper amount of physical therapy each person will be able to decrease muscle tension, back pain and recover from a car accident, from example. The power of manual therapy goes beyond machines, as the human hand is the best when it comes to recovery aid.

Manual physical therapy is most of the time established for muscular pain or recovery and it’s not that common for back pain management, even if a lot of people are already using it for that as well.

It’s important to know that manual physical therapy can offer pain relief for numerous types of conditions, which can even include musculo-skeletal conditions as well as numerous others that relate to posture, movement, function and discomfort, among others.

Works Soft Tissue

The main type of physical therapy in this case can be the soft tissue work, which includes numerous types of massage that apply pressure to the soft tissues such as muscles in order to increase circulation, ease the pain and break up the scar tissues. This massage is really useful for anyone that wants to chill out and relax, but its main target are people that had to deal with numerous problems such as accidents or conditions that bring a lot of pain.

On the other side, you can also use the manipulation and mobilization physical therapy technique that makes it easier for you to use the measured movements of different speeds, distances and force in order to put motion into the bones and help you overcome any movement problems that you might have at that certain time.

Other Types of Physical Therapy

Furthermore, there are numerous other manual physical therapy techniques, but not all of them are that used in the therapy world as some of them are considered not that efficient, even if most of them do give you the desired outcome, which is very important, of course.

These include the strain-counterstrain technique, the joint mobilization technique, the muscle energy technique and, of course, the high velocity and low amplitude thrusting. In conclusion, all of these manual physical therapy techniques can speed up the recovery process, which in the end is the major goal that most of us have when we undertake such a treatment.

Make Sure You Nurture You Followers

Everybody wants to be the leader.  Heck, why would you settle on being Robin when you could be Batman?

But without the Robins of the world, the Batmans would not only have no one to lead, they wouldn’t have that wing man helping to get him out of trouble every time he he’s about to do something stupid.

The second in command plays a big role in creating a real team, turning a single talented individual whom some people think is a nut, and legitimizing him to the world.  The second in command also lets others know that this guy is legit.

Everyone watches the quarteback and cheers him on to win the game.  What they don’t see is the the quarterback buying his offensive linemen gold watches for protecting him all season long.  He knows that they are the one’s who make him who he is.

Show appreciation and support to those first followers who believe in you.  Nurturing and supporting them will pave the way for others to join your tribe and help turn you into a true leader.

Check out this great Ted talk from my of my favorite entrepreneurs, Derek Sivers who explains how that first follower can turn a lone nut into a leader.

Ecommerce and Social Media: An Emerging Trend


Are you a business owner who dreams of opening an E-commerce store one day?  While opening you own online store used to be a tech and head spinning nightmare, today there are many solutions can make E-commerce a reality for even the technically challenged.

One of the emerging trends is driving sales via social media.  Social used to take a back step when it comes to driving sales, but as merchants get smarter about selling via social and start engaging rather than selling, sales are steadily increasing across social networks.

As far as selling goes, anything is fair game.  From selling iPad cases to pool supplies online, people are ready and willing to purchase online if that trust is there and the price is right.

Take a look at this infographic that shows the rising trend of Social Commerce.






Figuring Out How Facebook Edgerank Words [infographic]

Did you know that most of your Facebook posts will never show up in your fan’s news stream?  Actually, for Facebook Fan pages, it’s estimated that only around 15% of your fans will see a given post.

Why does Facebook do this?  Well besides the blatant “bait and switch” cash grab they implemented, it’s to prevent a single persons news stream from being overrun by posts.

Facebook incorporates an algorithm that determines when and how your posts will be seen by others.  Check out this infographic below that explains how Edgerank works.